The Exhale Disposable: The Top Brands of Live Resin Disposables Reviewed

Live resin disposable vaporizers have recently become a popular choice among vapers who want to experience an intense flavor and rich aroma. They are rechargeable, user-friendly, and boast superior performance compared to other types of vaporizers. But with so many different brands available on the market, it can be hard to choose which one is the right fit for you. To help make your decision easier, we’ve put together a comparison of the top brands of live resin disposables so that you can find the perfect device for your needs.

Vapour2: A High Quality Disposable Pen For All Budgets

Vapour2 is one of the leading brands in disposable vaping devices. Their line of pens offer a variety of features such as adjustable wattage settings and temperature control technology, making them incredibly versatile for all levels of users. Moreover, they come at reasonable prices so everyone can enjoy their quality products without breaking the bank. Vapour2 also offers excellent customer service and support if you have any device issues.

Smoktech: An Affordable Choice With Great Performance

Smoktech has been around since 2011 and is widely considered one of the best manufacturers for affordable vape pens. These devices provide great flavor and consistent performance at an unbeatable price point. Smoktech’s lineup also includes several powerful batteries that will keep your device running all day without worrying about charging or battery life issues. Plus, their customer support team is always available should you ever need assistance with anything related to their products.

Exhale Disposable: Ultra Portable And Easy To Use

The Exhale Disposable is a sleekly designed ultra-portable vape pen that provides incredible convenience and amazing flavor and aroma from its ceramic coil atomizer design. It requires no charging or refilling, making it ideal for those on-the-go moments when you don’t have time to sit down and reload your device or wait for it to charge up again before use. Additionally, this disposable pen comes pre-filled with high-quality e-juice flavors that will tantalize your taste buds every time you take a puff!

Suorin Elite: A Refillable Device With Endless Possibilities

Suorin Elite is another great option in refillable disposable live resin cartridges – these devices feature adjustable wattage settings as well as temperature control technology, allowing users to customize their vaping experience according to their own preferences. What’s more, the Suorin Elite allows users to fill their own tanks with either store-bought e-juices or create custom blends using multiple flavors – giving them endless possibilities when it comes to trying new flavors!

Phix Vaporizer Kit: Innovative features at your fingertips

The Phix Vaporizer Kit sets itself apart from other disposable live resin vaporizers with advanced features such as Bluetooth connectivity, an LED display (for easy navigation), adjustable airflow, auto shut off mode (to conserve battery power) and even a pod detection alert (so you know when it’s time to change pods). This powerhouse kit offers immense value for money – not only does it perform exceptionally well, it looks great too!

MyBlu Intense Kit: A stylish design with unparalleled performance

Last but not least, the MyBlu Intense Kit deserves a special mention here for its sleek design combined with unparalleled performance – this device boasts an impressive 400mAh battery capacity along with 2ml of juice capacity, making it suitable even for heavy vapers who require longer session times than usual between charges/refills! What also sets this kit apart from the rest is its fast heat-up time – it takes just 15 seconds from start to full vaporization – meaning no more waiting around for a lengthy warm-up before getting started!

Bottom line

When selecting any type of disposable live resin vaporizer, several factors need to be taken into consideration, including design aesthetics, performance parameters such as wattage/temperature range adjustment options, ease of use etc, portability & convenience features such as auto shut off modes etc, ease of maintenance/cleaning requirements etc, overall cost-effectiveness & affordability per unit etc. After carefully evaluating each brand based on these criteria, our pick would have to go to MyBlu Intense Kit due to its superior build quality & incredible performance capabilities coupled with a reasonable price tag making this an ideal choice even for budget-conscious buyers looking for bang for their buck!

By Valarie

Valarie Palacios, MS, MA, RD, RYT, CSCS is a principle nutritionist and adviser. She is a Registered Dietician and holds master’s degrees in both Nutrition and Exercise Physiology from Kent State University